Nadya Northrop


"The greatest wealth is health." - Virgil

My name is Nadya Northrop.  My passion is wellness.  I want to help you achieve and maintain wellness.  
Achieving wellness requires: 

  • developing an individualized plan centered on your strengths, goals, and accomplishments 
  • identifying physical, emotional, and environmental obstacles 
  • developing strategies to overcome these obstacles.  

I incorporate my life experience and patient counseling background to help you achieve your goals. I draw on my experience as an outpatient pharmacist, spouse, parent and active member of my community to provide an empowering coach-client relationship.  With my additional certification as a health coach, I add the dimension of helping you navigate the sometimes confusing or stressful path to wellness.  I can teach you how to get the most from your doctor's appointment, and how to ask the right questions, so that we are all working towards the same goal: Your Optimal Health!

I volunteer regularly working with both children and adults to promote a health lifestyle.  I have been active in the community for many years and am PTA chairperson of the Healthy Lifestyle Committee.  I have coordinated many programs for children and adults that promote healthy living.