Fall is finally here! I recently read an article that mentioned some superfoods available during the Fall harvest.  Fall veggies are fun to cook with. There are many interesting foods to pair them with! If you can't choose which one to start with, I wanted to provide you with some nutritional info that may make it easier to pick something you'd like. 

Apples are the fruit for fall. They are an easy fall superfood. You can eat them raw, or you can prepare them in all kinds of ways (like apple pie, one of life's many food pleasures). I like to bake sweet potatoes with apples in a sauce made of apple cider and maple syrup. Delicious!  Or, you might want to make baked pears with cinnamon and sugar. Yum! They are high in fiber and vitamin C. 

You might consider some veggies like brussel sprouts (good source of iron, vitamin K, folate), or parsnips (high in potassium and fiber). Or if you are in a food-trying mood, maybe consider rutabaga? I have to confess I have never tried it before! I might put that on my list just to try something new!

I cook a lot of cauliflower. It is high in vitamin C and in plant ingredients that help prevent cancer. 
There's also squash, which you see on people's doorsteps all the time, but they can be tasty too! There are many kinds, such as acorn, butternut, or spaghetti. Squash are usually high in Vitamin A and are a plant source of omega-3's.  

If you are in the mood for something fruity or a tropical in winter type of thing, try some fruit salad with kiwi and pomegranates? 

There are so many choices, so don't limit yourself to just one thing. Experiment this fall. Who knows, maybe you will FALL in love with a new recipe for autumn. Ok I'm going now; sorry for the cheesy joke.