For years I would tell my friends "I  will never run. I can't run. I wasn't meant to be a runner". Well, that changed this spring, and I have to say that I LOVE running now! But, to be honest, I never ever pictured myself as a runner. If you had asked me a few years ago if I would be a runner, if I would crave those opportunities to get out and run with my dog or with my close friend, I would have said "Never".  Well, now I say YES! I love it! Running lets me work off some calories (believe me, I love to eat so there is always something to work off). Running lets me work off some anxiety (who's not anxious about something in this world?). Running lets me be in my own world (with my dog) or it gives me a chance to connect with a close friend while we both do something good for us! And, best of all, after buying some good quality running shoes, running is FREE! I'm not paying a monthly gym membership. If you are fortunate enough to live in the right climate, you can run all year! 365 days! Wow! I can only dream of that! Unfortunately, my climate isn't that great. While there are those who run in Chicago snow and ice, I don't think that will be me. For a few months, I will have to use the indoor track or treadmill (and pay for it). Until then, I plan to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather (perfect for running). In fact, Monday was so perfect (55-60 degrees) that I was finally able to run 5 miles in less than an hour! I plan to get out there again tomorrow! Hope you have a great week! Find whatever it is you enjoy doing, and get out there! Remember, even if you thought it wasn't for you some time ago, you may want to revisit the idea now. We all change... What you thought wasn't for you back then may just be perfect today!