Did you know that September is the worst month for asthma attacks?  Do you suffer from asthma? Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Surprisingly, seasonal allergies are not to blame for the increase in asthma at this time of year. Instead, when children return to school, they trade-in an outdoor play environment for a predominantly indoor environment. Yes, you guessed it! Indoor allergens inside the schools cause many asthma attacks! Children are exposed to allergens they may not have in their own homes (ex: pet dander, cockroach allergens, chemicals, mold).  In addition, children often pick up a viral illness in the first month of school. Getting sick with a respiratory virus can make asthma less controlled.

So, what can you do to protect your child? Talk with your child's doctor. Ask if an antihistamine medication would be beneficial. Also, be sure that your child has a fresh supply of his or her asthma medications (both preventative meds and a rescue inhaler). Be sure that you have communicated with the school nurse, filled out all necessary paperwork, and perhaps (depending on school policy) provided the nurse with an extra rescue inhaler to use/keep at school. 

Happy Back to School!