"I had the pleasure of attending one of Nadya's workshops .  She was very knowledgeable and clearly has a passion for healthy living .  I learned a lot of helpful information that is easy to put into practice so I can help my family live a healthy lifestyle!  It's worth your time !"




"My experience in working with Nadya as my Health Coach has been extraordinary .  As a coach, she is professional, knowledgeable, discreet and full of great ideas that work .  As a person, she is caring, compassionate and truly authentic .  Nadya's genuine passion and enthusiasm for fitness and good nutrition has kept me motivated as I pursue my health goals .  It is a pleasure working with her !"




"Nadya, I would like to thank you for your quick response to my concerns after you listened so patiently and carefully to what I had to say .  It showed how much you truly cared to help .  You understood what I needed and you thought of anything I may have missed .  You wanted to make sure that everything was in the best interest of my health .  I appreciate your complete confidentiality and therefore would not hesitate to ask for your help again ." 




“I attended one of Nadya's workshops . She was knowledgeable and approachable when participants had questions, and I learned some very useful information .”



"When I was in elementary school, Mrs. Northrop volunteered her time to do a program called Healthy Lunch .  For many years, she has been very committed to helping the students realize that healthy food can taste delicious !  Mrs. Northrop encouraged me to make healthy habits a part of my daily life .  I think that she is an awesome person, and I am thankful that she cares so much for all of us kids ."


Sarah, age 12


"I have enjoyed my coaching experience with Nadya .  It has been a very positive and enlightening journey .  I really felt empowered to make life changing choices to improve my health and well-being .  Nadya was instrumental in making sure I was successful with creating my wellness vision .  It was fun to set manageable goals that I could achieve and that increased my confidence .  Nadya is an exceptional wellness coach ."